Toyota Way Fieldbook – “Study Guide”

Overall, we have found the Fieldbook to be a great tool for those interested in “middle of the road” lean implementation.  Not “Big Picture” nor “Fine Detail”.

For those interested in digging a little bit deeper for work or school… or for the Engineering Intern looking get a jump on a future career, we offer the Toyota Way Fieldbook – “Study Guide”.

Step One…. Buy the book!

I’ve held positions as Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Manager, Operations Manager, and Vice President.  In every position, the Toyota Way Fieldbook has held a special position on my desk.

The key point here is that the Fieldbook alone was not the key to cultural transformation. The added details stuffed in-between the pages over time held the key to our success and tells the ACTUAL story.

What did you find in-between your pages of the Toyota Way Fieldbook?  Tell us the how YOU did it.

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