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The Toyota Way Fieldbook


“This is an excellent on how to implement lean in a manufacturing facility. The plant leadership at our site has used this book to start a book club, reading one chapter a week and reviewing it the next. I wish we would have read this book sooner. It would have help to reduce a lot of frustrations. The book also covers Toyota’s leadership structure and suggests how to go about implementing lean on the shop floor if you are just beginning the journey.”

~ By Lean One on July 19, 2007, AMAZON


“I read this in preparation for a course on Problem Solving. The practical application of the process pays dividends. I’d recommended it for any root cause analysis needs.”

~ By Test Equipment Vendor on May 28, 2013


“Simply the most important book to have on your shelf if you are serious about lean manufacturing. This book is less about theory and more about practical advice. I find it is the book I take with me as a senior lean consultant. Dave and Jeff have done an excellent job putting these concepts and experiences into word.
Some miss the wisdom in these pages but I find it right on the money. Chapter 4 is a chapter I have asked people to read over and over. In my opinion it is were most companies are and don’t know it.
I recommend this book very highly. Get it, read it more than once.”

~ By Lean Guy on February 13, 2008

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