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The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership: Achieving and Sustaining Excellence through Leadership Development


“It really goes deep in how the individual and the organization commits to excellence. There is no evidence of the “cost” this commitment has on the personal side of the leader, it brings a laser focus on the work side of one’s life and what is required/expected. Maybe there is nothing to explore as work is everything in this case. The Dana case is exceptional and the final insights, even a bit repetitive, very useful.”

~ By Geronimo Martinez on January 5, 2014, AMAZON


“This book provides some insightful examples, in different industries, focused on the role of top management. Each chapter focuses on a different company, relating the experience to a Toyota principle, especially around management role. This book is otherways easy to read. I have tried to relate each of the chapter to my own company and I have been able to get interesting clues. This book is a perfect complement for the others on the serie. Jeff Liker is definitely one of the most knowledgeable person on TPS.”

~ By Victoria Saenz de Ormijana on October 13, 2013


“These guys tell a great story as well as provide usable information to help any company that wants to improve performance. Read it, listent to it (Audible) then read it again to get the most from this work.”

~ By Terrence O’Hanlonon April 18, 2015

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